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Nutritious November Recipes

Notritious November is all about more vitamins, more energy & more food that works with our body (read: natural goodness) instead of against it (read: junk, alcohol, processed everything, sugar and additives!). 

So with this believe in mind I'm making yummy delicious nutritious soups together with Fields Lifestyle throughout November... Did anyone say Soup Craving?


Soup Facts

Why is it again that we are boiling, blending and liquid'izing all these fresh yummy veggies? Have we become too addicted to the consistency of our beloved smoothies or are there healthy motives behind? Indeed!

Visit our new Food Facts section where Ludovica gives you a proper insight to the nutritional value of hearty soups!

What's happening on the SH Blog today?

New in Trips & Travel: Autumn Get-away

Last weekend we went to the beautiful and historical Suzhou - just out of Shanghai. Such a nice little get-away....

Check out what we did in Suzhou and start planning your own Shanghai Get-aways:

 Lemon-flush, French Kisses & Food Facts

As you may have noted Lemon Flush is a daily & very important part of Nutritious November. We believe everyone should start every morning with the juice from 1/2 squeezed lemon in warm water!


Read this article by Shanghaihabits' newest Food Facts Editor and you will know why!


Last month I joined Fields Lifestyle (the concept behind FIELDS China online grocery store) for their Detox Express. This month they return the favor and support my Nutritious November.  

They support with some yummy fresh healthy groceries for the below recipes and they are also assisting with inspiration and motivation - Shanghaihabits' Nutritious November is now featured in their newsletter, on their official wechat and on their Facebook site.

Read about what we did together last month On the Detox Express!

Sharing, Caring & Spreading Healthy Habits in Shanghai

This week Shanghaihabits was featured by That's Shanghai Magazine! Read the cool article here on That's Shanghai's online version, visit That's Shanghai on Facebook or just go straight to my running routes and get inspired here on Shanghaihabits.

Blogger and healthy living enthusiast Line Fricke reveals her five favorite Shanghai Urban Gyms" By Emily Wetzki

MUST VISIT: TAIWAN - in Trips & Travel

This autumn I went back to my favorite travel destination in Asia so far: Taiwan! What's so amazing about it? Oh I have too much to share with you. Taiwan has all the best of Mainland China... without the crowds, the hazzle and the terrible pollution. If you like the wonders of nature and are up for exploration Taiwan is a MUST VISIT!

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